Kay Family Tools for Leaders

Kay Family Tools for Leaders is an interactive and dynamic learning series designed to engage individuals who have shown leadership at JF&CS or elsewhere in the community who may be interested in greater leadership opportunities within our agency. Kay Family Tools for Leaders provides the opportunity for participants to gain a more in-depth knowledge of the agency’s programs, offers networking and leadership skill building opportunities, and encourages participants to explore their future volunteer and leadership path at JF&CS.


Seated: Gila Decker, Debbie Rodkin, Erin Krinsky, Abby Friedman, Bruce Goldstein. Standing L-R, Rick Aranson CEO, Betsy Levy, Laura Weiss, Jaime Wender, Lindsay Borentstein (chair), Annetta Kornblum, Jennifer Rosenthall, Marla Shainberg (chair), Jessica Steinberg, Sheila Cranman, Lauren Abraham Mahoney, Ann Kay (program benefactor).

The unique curriculum of Kay Family Tools for Leaders explores the JF&CS service areas over five class sessions. Participants are divided into small groups, each of which is charged with learning about one of the service areas and then educating their fellow classmates through an interactive presentation. The groups are responsible for meeting with agency staff outside of scheduled class sessions to learn more about their service area and its supporting programs. The hands-on approach to learning enables participants to develop a deeper understanding of the work that is being done at JF&CS.

Participants will create personal volunteer mission statements that will help them along their volunteer journey with JF&CS and the greater community. Each session also provides relevant leadership training where participants engage in meaningful exercises that help hone their specific leadership styles.

The goals of the series are for participants to:

  • Understand the JF&CS mission, vision, philosophy, and values guiding our work
  • Learn about JF&CS programs and services and their impact on our community
  • Enhance participants understanding of their personal leadership style and strengths
  • Be introduced to our agency’s top leaders and executives
  • Create a plan for continued involvement with JF&CS, based on each participant’s interest level
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