Family Caregiver Support Services

Do you provide physical or emotional care for an ill or disabled loved one?

If so, you are a family caregiver.

Being a caregiver is tougher than most jobs. The concern, love and compassion, and difficult tasks and decisions along with the long, never ending list of what you need to do both as a caregiver and as an adult who has multiple responsibilities are always with you.

Caregivers give up jobs, cut back on hours, and pay for services for their loved ones out of their own pockets. They need to put themselves first but they tend to put themselves last, and often become isolated.

At JF&CS, we put you first in our programs.

Caregiver Support Groups

We know you need time to talk with other caregivers, time to vent and time to learn. JF&CS offers several support groups for caregivers -- at our main office on Chamblee Dunwoody Road, at the Toco Hills NORC, at the Cohen Home in Alpharetta and Huntcliff Summit in Sandy Springs. Our licensed clinical social workers and professional counselors facilitate the groups. You may not always be able to make it, that's okay. Just come when you can.

Caregiver Support Program

The Caregiver Support program provides one-time financial assistance to caregivers in crisis along with case management for the family and caregivers enrolled in the program. The current funding we have for these programs have a low-income criteria that must be met in order to secure a spot on our waitlist or in one of our programs.

Additional Resources

src-logo-hiresSenior Resource Connect, a service of the AJFCA network, provides information and resources to assist older adults and caregivers in discussing their needs with aging services professionals. Check out this one-stop connection to local service providers.

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