Aviv Older Adult Services

Aviv-Older-Adult-ServicesWhen it comes to aging, no two people are affected in the same way. That applies both to the older adult and those around him or her - a spouse, an adult child or a caregiver. At JF&CS, we get it! We understand and offer an umbrella of services designed to support both older adults and their family of caregivers. Our licensed clinical social workers, geriatric care managers, information specialist, master's level clinicians, registered nurses and other professional staff members have years of experience in aging.

  • One day everything is fine, and the next day your world is turned upside down. Geriatric care management can help.
  • It's tough to be a parent, hold down a job and care for your own parents. That's why we offer support for caregivers.
  • Some elderly clients suffer from depression or experience chronic pain and could benefit from a therapist but "just can't come into the office." Our counselors will come to you.
  • It's a giant leap of faith to hire a caregiver to be in your parent's home, so we thoroughly scrutinize our staff through our hiring and training process.
  • For Private Home Care, please call The One Group at 404.751.2277 or visit www.JewishHomeLife.org.

We will always be changing, growing and evolving in the same manner as your needs will change. We are always here to listen. That's our commitment to you.

Additional Resources

src-logo-hiresSenior Resource Connect, a service of the AJFCA network, provides information and resources to assist older adults and caregivers in discussing their needs with aging services professionals. Check out this one-stop connection to local service providers.

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