Programs and Services

Support Services

  • Out-patient Counseling:
    • JF&CS offers individual, couple or family psychotherapy sessions with a licensed professional counselor who is a nationally certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor who addresses the disease of addiction and the physiological and emotional effects substance abuse has on the client and his or her loved ones.
    • DUI – JF&CS has a staff clinician who is on the Georgia DUI Intervention Program Registry as an accepted substance abuse clinical evaluator as well as treatment provider.  If you have been charged with a DUI or similar allegation relating to alcohol or drug abuse, we can help you meet the terms of your probation. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your options.
  • Resource Referrals:
    JF&CS has relationships with a variety of in-patient and out-patient facilities. In collaboration with the client and his/her family JF&CS will make every effort to find a program that is best suited for the individual needs of the client.
  • Sober Shabbat:
    Each month HAMSA partners with local synagogues to highlight the needs of those who struggle with substance abuse in the Jewish community. By providing a public forum we bring awareness and we help to reduce the shame and stigma often felt by those in our community.
    Along with the Rabbi’s and others members of the HAMSA family we create a fellowship of support. The program allows for an open dialog to ask questions and provide a path for individuals and families who might not otherwise know of our program. 
  • Chaplaincy:
    In times of illness, anxiety, trouble or sadness the encouragement and simple presence of another human being can have a powerful, even healing effect. For this reason, JF&CS provides the services of a visiting community chaplain who offers spiritual care, prayers and the wisdom of the Jewish tradition.
  • Recovery Yoga:
    Alcoholism and Addiction take a toll on the mind, body and soul. Join us for a special yoga class focused on healing for people in recovery. Each session will feature a meditation that draws on recovery principles. The class meets on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. at JF&CS in Dunwoody (4549 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd.).
  • Holiday Programs: Holidays can be a difficult time for people in recovery. Many Jewish observances involve drinking wine, which can leave people feeling pressured to relapse or left out. HAMSA is happy to offer a mixture of alcohol-free community holiday programs and holiday matchmaking, which pairs people in recovery with families that are sensitive to the special needs of a clean and sober person.

Education, Awareness & Prevention Programs

  • Speakers & Workshops:
    JF&CS provides presentations on addiction and substance abuse tailored to your synagogue, youth group or community group. These presentations are facilitated by experts in the field of addiction as well as recovering alcoholics and addicts from the Jewish community.
  • Community of Concern:
    HAMSA is uniting many of Atlanta's Jewish Day Schools, synagogues and other organization through education and cooperation to keep our youth free of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. As a member of our Community of Concern, HAMSA provides organizations with evidence-based and dynamic prevention education, an informed intervention policy, training for faculty and staff, and clinical support for individuals and families in need.