How to Survive Life In Today's World

120x-scribble-counselingCounseling Services - Tools for Life provides guidance and support in the areas of mental health and life-cycle concerns. We offer individual, couples, family and group therapy as well as support groups for issues such as bereavement and divorce.

When you need more answers, we also offer a full range of psychological testing as well as psychiatric assessments and medication management as an adjunct to counseling.

How to Tell When You’ve Crossed the Line From Social Drinking to Addiction

  1. You drink more than you intend to or think “one or two” is a waste of time.

  2. You create reasons to go out or to stay out later, even when you have other obligations (like work).

  3. You disregard those obligations so you can recover from drinking.

  4. You find yourself alone at the bar when everyone else has gone home.

  5. You get a DUI on the way home.

If you find yourself in these situations, contact H.A.M.S.A. (Helping Atlantans Manage Substance Abuse) for help.

How to Help Someone in Recovery

  1. Make sure you have strong, emotional support for yourself.

  2. Know that you did not cause the addiction, you can’t control it and you cannot fix it.

  3. Set boundaries around what you are willing to do and tolerate.

  4. Check in with yourself to make sure you are not neglecting your own needs and health in order to accommodate the addict.

  5. Remember, H.A.M.S.A. is here to help if you need it. You do not have to figure this out alone!

How to Recognize Abuse in a Relationship and How to Live Free from It

  1. Know the signs.
    Pushing, shoving, grabbing, physically harming or threatening you or forcing you to engage in unwanted sexual acts are just some ways one partner abuses another. Often referred to as domestic violence, it occurs in every ethnic, religious and cultural group, and to individuals of all ages, educational and income levels.

  2. Contact Tools for Life’s Shalom Bayit (Peace in the Home) program for help.
    We offer counseling, educational programming and advocacy for social changes to eliminate violence in families and relationships.

How to Ask for Help When a Case of the Blues Turns Much Darker

  1. Depression can creep in slowly, and it’s difficult to ask for help when we believe we should just be able to get over it.

  2. Get compassionate, effective therapy to help you navigate through the land mines of depression and begin to feel whole again.

  3. If you’re feeling depressed and isolated, contact one of our counselors.

How to Get the Best Help Possible—No Matter What Life Throws at You

  1. If you’re faced with the sudden death of a loved one, the loss of a job, an accident or an illness, let Tools for Life’s caring professionals help you find a safe space to grieve.

  2. If you need help getting through normal life transitions, unexpected losses and more, our counselors are here to help you better understand the pain you are experiencing and learn coping skills to move past it.

How to Build a Family Through Adoption

  1. If you’re thinking about adopting a child, you need a reliable agency to help you through the process.
    Cradle of Love is here for you.

  2. Our Cradle of Love staff will explain state regulations and walk you through the process and fees associated with adoption.
    We offer adoption counseling, domestic and international home studies and all necessary post-placement services.

  3. If you are placing a baby for adoption, come to Cradle of Love for support.
    We know this decision can be very difficult and requires courage, compassion, care and love.