How to Get Dental Care When You Can’t Afford It

120x-scribble-bmdcIf you fall at or below 125 percent of the federal poverty level, lack dental insurance and live in one of the 13 counties we serve, contact the Ben Massell Dental Clinic – Atlanta’s only resource for comprehensive, quality dental care available at no cost to the metro area’s neediest population. An estimated 200,000 households qualify for BMDC.

Whether you need just a cleaning, a filling or a mouthful of work, BMDC is the right place. We offer basic care as well as all specialties, including dentures.

How to Make an Impact on Thousands of Lives

  1. If you are a dentist looking to make a difference in our community, volunteer one half day a month at the clinic.
    Our 150 volunteer dentists are changing thousands of lives each year.

  2. Not a dentist but still want to help?
    We could always use help at the front desk. You’ll find it a rewarding and fast-paced volunteer experience.

How to Get that Health Screening You Really Need

  1. If you have life and health issues brought on by poverty, joblessness, homelessness, drug abuse or other life-altering experiences, come to BMDC.
    We work with Saint Joseph’s Mercy Care Services to provide general screenings for such conditions as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

  2. Are you having trouble with your vision?
    Georgia Lions Lighthouse offers BMDC patients free eye exams and glasses on site.

  3. If you have mental health needs, make an appointment with our full-time social worker.