Thank you to our Chairs, Sponsors and Committees

Event Chairs:
Amy and Evan Rosen and Arin and Lorne Tritt
Silent Auction Chairs:
Robin Feldman and Sharon Wolf
Sponsor Chairs:
Marla Shainberg and Marci Silverman
Restaurant Chairs:
Amy Fingerhut and Scott Horowitz
Decorations Chair:
Sherry Habif
Logistics Chairs:
Betsy Levy & Zane Blechner
Libations Chair:
Mark Brown
Honorary Chairs:
Pearlann & Jerry Horowitz and Scott & Michelle L. Horowitz
The Tasting Committee:
Michelle Bank, Lani Preis, Mindi Sard

2017 Corporate Sponsors


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Rooms To Go Alston & Bird


 BalchBingham GlassRatner 
 IberiaBank  Kaplan Orthodontics

2017 Individual Sponsors


  • Barbara and Ronald Balser
  • Lois Blonder
  • Elaine and Jerry Blumenthal
  • Diane and Stanley Friedman
  • Stuart Hillman
  • Etta Raye Hirsch
  • Pearlann and Jerry Horowitz
  • Regina Karp
  • Caren and Michael Merlin
  • Dulcy and Jerry Rosenberg
  • Louise and Edwin Rothberg
  • Stanley Srochi
  • Joyce and Henry Schwob
  • Vi Weinstein
  • Regina and David Witt


  • Dorita and Hal Arnold
  • Phyllis and Eliot Arnovitz
  • Spring and Tom Asher
  • Candy and Stephen Berman
  • Breman Foundation, Inc.
  • Anne and Michael Chorches
  • Donna and Michael Coles
  • Debbie and David Dermer
  • Ron Eichel 
  • Ellen and Howard Feinsand
  • Viki and Paul Freeman
  • Cheryl and Roger Gelder
  • Billie Greenberg
  • Joy and Alan Greenberg
  • Lisa and Seth Greenberg
  • Phyllis Herman
  • Douglas J. Hertz Family Foundation
  • Michele and David Hirsch
  • Michelle and Scott Horowitz
  • Carole and Sidney Kirschner 
  • David Kuniansky
  • Andrea and Mike Leven
  • Brenda and Mark Lichtenstein
  • Melodi Morrison
  • Brenda and Leon Novak
  • Ellen Arnovitz and Michael Plasker
  • Barbara and Marty Pollock
  • Phyllis and Sidney Rodbell
  • Robin Rodbell
  • Rachael and Jack Rosenberg
  • Mindi and Michael Sard
  • Marlene J. Schwartz
  • Linda and Mark Silberman
  • Marci and Jeremy Silverman
  • Joanne and Herbert Singer
  • Marcia and Michael Schwarz
  • Judith and Mark Taylor
  • The Cohen-Kogon Families
  • The Halpern-Oppenheimer Family Foundation
  • The London-Rinzler Family
  • The Morris Family Foundation
  • The Selig Foundation  
  • Arin and Lorne Tritt
  • Joyce and Ramie Tritt
  • Angie and Skip Weiland
  • Helen and David Zalik
  • Zaban Foundation, Inc.


  • Sam and Gary Alexander
  • Melissa and Michael Alterman
  • Marla and Sidney Appel
  • Jeanine and Jared Belsky
  • Janet Selig and Jeffrey Bernstein
  • Laurie and Sid Besmertnik
  • Silvia and Jay Block, Jr.
  • Ina and Harold Enoch
  • Stacy and Emanuel Fialkow
  • Judith and Ronald Goldstein
  • Nanci and Bob Halper
  • Ann and Ted Kaplan
  • Rosthema and Paul Kastin 
  • Andrew Katz
  • Noa Katz
  • Mark Kopkin
  • Chari and Michael Kornheiser
  • Sheri and Steve Labovitz
  • Ellen and Bruce Lindemann
  • Jill and Hugh Mainzer
  • Charlotte and Joel Marks
  • JoLynn and Steve Merlin
  • Beth and Gregg Paradies
  • Lani and Spencer Preis
  • Amy and Evan Rosen
  • Rebecca Hoelting Short and Dan Short
  • Elaine and Allan Tanenbaum
  • Dawn and Eric Tresh
  • Leslie and Jon Weinberg
  • Marilynn and Ronald Winston
  • Judy Zaban


  • Jeff Alperin
  • Elizabeth and Matthew Ames
  • Michelle Bank
  • Susan and Ross Bergethon
  • Mara and Justin Berman
  • Heather Weiner and Kevin Berman
  • Dana and Eric Bernath
  • Rashelle and Jeremy Berry
  • Marlene and Abe Besser
  • Karen and David Birnbrey
  • Joanne and Eddie Birnbrey
  • Zane Blechner
  • Melissa and Ira Blecker
  • Lindsay and Evan Borenstein
  • Lisa and David Bronstein
  • Cindy and Gil Burstiner
  • Lori and Dusty Cahill
  • Heather and David Carlin
  • Melissa and Kevin Center
  • Ellen and Michael Chalef
  • Justine and Andre Cohen
  • Marci and Seth Cohen
  • Sheryl Dickman and Steven Cook
  • Julie and Jason Cristal
  • Alex C. Deitch
  • Denise and Seth Deitchman
  • Lauren Estrin and Andy Deutsch
  • Debbie and Mark Deutsch
  • Laura and Brad Dowling
  • Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care
  • Kelly Dyer
  • Robin Feldman and Chuck Edelberg
  • Jenifer and Jonathan Feldman
  • Allison and Dan Fellner
  • Elisabeth and Todd Fierman
  • Amy Fingerhut
  • Lee B. Padove
  • Julie and Jeffrey Peretz
  • Rosalyn and Albert Pinto
  • Jodi and Jeff Rosenberg
  • Judith and Arnold Ross
  • Elissa and Jordan Fladell
  • Pia and Tal Frank
  • Lisa and Steve Freedman
  • Miriam and Seth Friedman
  • Andrea and Jordy Gamson
  • Karen and Andrew Ghertner
  • Jeff Goldman
  • Tara and Ryan Goldstein
  • Debra and Adam Greenfield
  • Candice and Dan Gulden
  • Helen and Frank Hahn III
  • Rachel Sonenshine and Jonathan Halitsky
  • Jodi and Benjamin Halpert
  • Lauren and Brian Harris
  • Lora and Michael Hernandez
  • Gail and Lyons Heyman
  • Nancy and John Hirsch
  • Caron and Kenny Holzer
  • Deborah and Lou Jacobs
  • Marisa and Michael Kaiser
  • Susanne and Philip Karlick
  • Jen and Adam Katz
  • Barbara Kaufman
  • Barbara and William Klineman
  • Robyn and Jeffrey Klugman
  • Luka Anic and Zak Koffler
  • Debbie and Douglas Kuniansky
  • David Kurtzman
  • Wayne Lazarus
  • Harriet and Henry Leibowitz
  • Jennifer and Scott Leibowitz
  • Ann and Michael Levin
  • Berna and Noah Levine
  • Betsy and Michael Levy
  • Sara and Evan Loft
  • Jessica and Michael Loncar
  • Laura and Dylan Marantz
  • Jerry Poole and Bill Martin
  • Nancy and Eric Miller
  • Sheila and Gary Miller
  • Alyza and Justin Milrad 
  • Leslie and Robert Rothberg
  • Julie and Asher Royal
  • Amy and Philip Rubin
  • Lauren Abraham Mahoney and Jared Safran
  • Virginia and Milton Saul
  • Susan and Raymond Schoenbaum
  • Reva Schuster and Judge Steve Schuster
  • Stephanie and Blake Selig
  • Marla Shainberg
  • Carly and David Siegel
  • Alexis and Darrell Solomon
  • Alana and Marc Sonenshine
  • Debbie and Stan Sonenshine
  • Betty and Alan Sunshine
  • The Garrett Family Foundation
  • Lisa and Evan Toporek
  • Tova and Shawn Tritt
  • Arlene and Bruce Turry
  • Brigette and Michael Ulin
  • Dana and Andy Webber
  • Jaime and David Wender
  • Amanda and Danny Westheimer
  • Sharon and Josh Wolf
  • Lois and Steven Wolf

(Updated 5/16/17)