Thank You to Our Patron Families

Becoming a Patron Family comes with many fantastic benefits for your entire family.

  • Early admission to Artscape
  • Experience all the excitement that Sensations Therafun has to offer you and your family
  • Expose your children to different types of art, music, and dance
  • Giveaway for Kids

All donations directly benefit Counseling Services to create programming for domestic violence, PAL programming, divorce support, art therapy, substance abuse, bullying, and many more. $86 of your donation is tax deductible.

2017 Patron Families - Become a Patron Family!

  • Nancy and Robbie Baron
  • Jeanine, Jared, Avner and Alex Belsky
  • Kimberly, Brian, Alana and Gabrielle Bland
  • Lindsay, Evan, Rex and Cal Borenstein
  • Staci, Matt, Ryan and Olivia Brill
  • Lori, Dusten, Dylan and Addison Cahill
  • Heather, David, Jake, Dylan and Ryan Carlin
  • Marlene, Michael, Evan and Lauren Cohn
  • Cobi, Bennie and Jonah Cohen
  • Lara, Adam, Mya and Zoe Dorfman
  • Lauren Estrin and Andy and Molly Deutsch
  • Jamie, Matt, Eli and Samantha Dranove
  • Jenifer, Brian, Noah and Isabella Eisenman
  • Laura, Jonathan and David Epstein
  • Jenifer, Jonathan, Anna and Micah Feldman
  • The Fransen Family
  • Jen, Adam, Hadley and Bryce Freeman
  • Lisa, David, Alexis and Blake Frist
  • Rebecca, Jonathan, Sadie and Eleanor Ganz
  • Dara, Andy, Matthew, Sari and Naomi Grant
  • Debra, Adam, Ethan, Isaac and Sophie Greenfield
  • Jennifer, Scott, Jake and Leah Greenfield
  • Keri, Keith, Jacob, Lindsay and Maddie Greenwald
  • Lauren, Brian, Alexandra and Aaron Harris 
  • Rachael, Michael, Grant and Avery Joseph
  • Marisa, Michael, Ryan, Benjamin and Nathan Kaiser
  • Sarah, Lawrence, Lacey and Aiden Kass
  • Hope, Craig, Max and Drew Kaufman
  • Lauren, Bradley, Chloe and Bailey Kentor
  • Robyn, Jeffrey, Harris and Samantha Klugman
  • Gennye, Michael, Levi and Bess Krasner
  • Suzanne, Michael and Eden Lazarus
  • Cynthia, Zack,  Asher and Riley Leder
  • Jennifer,Scott, Raya and Kol Leibowitz
  • Alisha, Chad, Estelle, Rider and Arlo Levitt
  • Brad and Evan Levenberg
  • Betsy, Michael, Lilly and Sophie Levy
  • Hillary, Craig, Allison and Suzanne Levy
  • Staci, Joel, Noah, Dylan and Lanie Libowsky
  • Jill, Josh, Anna and Ryan Linder
  • Rachel Burt and Daniel, Joshua and Theo Loventhal
  • Lisa, Jeff, Zoe, and Eli Nash
  • Julie, Jeffrey, Owen and Jack Peretz
  • Rachel, Adam, Connor and Hayden Printz
  • Jennifer Zyman and Zoe Pontrelli
  • Gabbi, Michael, Julia and Emma Promoff
  • Lynn and Glenn Rainbow
  • Kelly, Craig, Abigail and Daniel Richman
  • Amy, Evan, Zachary and Ryan Rosen
  • Julie, Yasha, Jordan, Talia and Noa Sack
  • Laura, Eli and Adi Schilling
  • Meredith, Scott, Jack and Charley Solomon
  • Mitzi, Jeff, Jack, Nathan and Dean Solomon
  • Alana, Marc, Devin, Reese and Tori Sonenshine
  • Emily, Aaron, Dylan and Brooke Tanenbaum
  • Arin, Lorne, Ryan, Lily and Estella Tritt

*Updated as of 2/10/17.

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