Volunteer Spotlight: Toby Bloomberg

Volunteer Spotlight: Toby Bloomberg

When you surf through JF&CS’s exciting new social media tools (this blog included!), you’ll find the innovative and creative influence of Toby Bloomberg. Toby is currently co-chair of the Social Media ad hoc subcommittee of our Marketing Committee. Her path to this role has taken her from volunteer to consultant and back again over the last year.  As we developed JF&CS’ social media strategy, she played an instrumental role.

Toby began her involvement with JF&CS when Rachel Simon, our Community Engagement and Social Media Specialist, reached out to her for help conducting a social media workshop as part of an engagement program with synagogue staff. “That was a lot of fun for me to reach out into that aspect of the community and give back,” she says.  Through this initial engagement, she connected with Brenda Fiske, our Chief Marketing Officer, and was brought in as a consultant to develop JF&CS’s social media initiative. She was, of course, on hand to provide her thoughts and insight to our staff at our recent celebration of the launch of this initiative.

Since the end of her role with us as a consultant, Toby has moved full speed ahead with pursuing volunteer opportunities at JF&CS. She has loved serving on the Marketing Committee, as it has provided her with “the opportunity to take the strategy I’ve developed and do some real hands-on execution.”

In addition to this role, she has continued to run workshops both for our staff and at JF&CS programs. At this past year’s 18th Annual Larry Bregman, MD, Educational Conference, Toby led a workshop on social media safety for adults with developmental disabilities. She enjoyed this immensely. “Working with different populations was a great learning experience for me.” Toby’s own account of this workshop at the Bregman Conference can be found in her blog (see related article link below).

Toby speaks very fondly of JF&CS. “I believe in what the agency is trying to do. The people are smart, warm, giving and very caring.” But her volunteering isn’t limited to us. Demonstrating a true passion for what she does, Toby’s long list of volunteer roles has largely been professionally driven. She serves on several boards, including the American Marketing Association and the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association. Still, her work with JF&CS, she says, is “stepping beyond that. It is my way of giving back to my community – to the Jewish community.”

Originally from Boston, Toby came to Atlanta to do graduate work at Emory University and stayed (she couldn’t go back to all of that snow). After working for various businesses in Atlanta, Toby’s own enterprise, Bloomberg Marketing, developed organically, beginning with some very early forays into internet marketing in the late 1990s. In 2004, she started the Diva Marketing Blog, which has been cited by Forbes Magazine as one of the “20 Best Marketing and Social Media Blogs by Women.” It is also one of the oldest sustained business blogs.

Toby has been at the forefront of social media marketing, working with an ever-changing medium to keep a consistently growing list of very happy clients engaged with what is happening in the marketing world around them. “What I really love about working in social media,” she says, “is helping people tell the stories of not only their brands or companies, but of the people within the organizations. And for JF&CS that extends to staff, volunteers and, most important, clients.”

Toby is excited for what the future may hold for her relationship with JF&CS. “It was an absolute joy working with everyone at JF&CS,” she says, “and it continues to be.”

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Matt Waldman

Matt Waldman

Matt Waldman is interning with JF&CS' Marketing Department for the 2011-2012 school year.  He is pursuing his master's degree in social work at the University of Georgia, and his area of interest is in nonprofit organizations and communities.  He is excited to be working with us as part of his field education.