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Ask a Professional: Carly Reisman

Carly Reisman, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Coordinator at JFCS AtlantaCarly Reisman is a professional in Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services at JF&CS. She works with adults with disabilities who would like to gain employment. Carly has a bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Development and a Masters in Special Education from the University of Georgia. She joined JF&CS as a direct support professional in 2015 and became the Employment Services Coordinator in 2016.

Q: My daughter has disabilities and has just graduated from high school. She really wants to work and has had great support all through school. But now that she is graduating, I don’t know how to help her find work. What is the next step?

A: JF&CS offers supported employment for adults with disabilities who are able and ready to work. We help with job development, resumes, mock interviews and private coaching on what to wear, appropriate work behaviors, social cues and policies at work.

We go through a discovery process to find out what each person enjoys doing and then use our connections in the community to help find a situation that will fit his or her interests, strengths and abilities. We also continue to support the individual and employer as needed. If your daughter wants to work and can maintain employment after receiving training and support from the job coach, we will work to find her the right job that will make her happy.

 For more information on Supported Employment, contact 770.677.9372 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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February is Jewish Disabilities Awareness Month

How IDDS is making hope and opportunity happen

February is Jewish Disabilities Awareness Month, and JF&CS wants to raise awareness of what we do in this arena. Our nonsectarian Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services (IDDS) offers programs and supports to individuals with a range of disabilities, their families and their caregivers. We follow a person-centered approach to ensure those with disabilities have a hand in directing their services and a voice concerning their future. The programs promote self-determination and the right of those with special needs to choose their own destinies.

Programs and services include Supported Employment, the Zimmerman-Horowitz Independent Living Program, Community Access Services and Alterman/JETS Transportation.

In March, IDDS will be moving into a brand new location right on the JF&CS campus. The building will include a large common space, classrooms, a computer room, an art studio, a sensory room, a teaching kitchen, ADA-compliant bathrooms with showers, a laundry area and full access for wheelchairs with wider hallways and lower counters.

For more information, please call 770-677-9300 or visit


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Supported Employment Brings Confidence and Stability

Supported Employment Brings Confidence and Stability
Gil Berman wants to de-stigmatize mental health issues and treatment. A bright and funny 23-year-old who exudes self-confidence, Gil has Asperger’s syndrome. He also has an anxiety disorder and “some other issues,” including Tourette syndrome, which he learned he had in fourth grade. 

“People would tell me I was so brave to talk about it,” he said. “That always confused me. It feels good to talk about it. Everybody is educated, and everybody wins.”

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Help for Young Adults with Autism

Help for Young Adults with Autism

Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the United States, according to common statistics. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) identifies one in 88 children—one in 54 boys—to be on the autism spectrum.

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Reflections on the Jewish Leadership Institute on Disabilities and Inclusion

Reflections on the Jewish Leadership Institute on Disabilities and Inclusion


I just returned from the first Jewish Leadership Institute on Disabilities and Inclusion, held December 1st – 5th at the Pearlstone Center outside of Baltimore, MD. It was an incredible gathering of 25 Jewish disability and communal leaders—leaders from the disability field, individuals with disabilities and family members.   We spent more than 12 hours each day learning about the importance of self-determination, individualized person-centered planning and the rights of individuals to determine where they live, with whom they live and how they spend their time. We as Jews understand, and experience through our history, what happens when individuals are dehumanized and their rights are taken away. That still happens for many people with disabilities.


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