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Staff Highlight - Barbara Jones

Celebrating 41 years of service at Ben Massell Dental Clinic

Staff Highlight - Barbara Jones

With 41 years under her belt, Barbara Jones is the longest-serving staff member ever at the Ben Massell Dental Clinic — as well as at JF&CS. If there’s anything you need to know about the clinic, Barbara is your go-to person; there is nothing she doesn’t know, doesn’t remember or can’t figure out. A graduate of Atlanta Technical College, Barbara has a wealth of knowledge about dentistry and has served in many capacities at BMDC. As dental operations manager, she oversees the training of hundreds of dental students, dental assistants and pre-dental students.

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How To “Open Wide” To a Healthy New You

How To “Open Wide”  To a Healthy New You

If you have trouble believing you can change a life by fixing a smile, ask Markus G., who came to the Ben Massell Dental Clinic (BMDC) in the fall of 2013 with serious teeth and gum issues. Soon enough, it became clear he had other challenges in his personal life. He realized counseling services were another service available to BMDC patients and reached out to the JF&CS social worker there.

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How to help fix a toothache when you’re not a dentist

How to help fix a toothache when you’re not a dentist

Encourage your dentist to volunteer at JF&CS’ Ben Massell Dental Clinic — the only resource for comprehensive, quality dental care available at no cost to Atlanta’s neediest population. Our patients depend on the 140 dentists who volunteer their time at the midtown-Atlanta clinic, one of the most advanced dental facilities around. But we need more volunteer dentists. So the next time you see your dentist, ask him or her to sign on in the New Year! Visit for more information.

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How to Change a Young Man’s Smile

How to Change a Young Man’s Smile

It was late 2010, and Kahdeem Denton was ashamed to smile. At 14, his self-esteem hit the floor and he avoided talking whenever possible because of a severe overbite and large gap between his front teeth. Kahdeem needed braces but sadly his family could not afford them.
Then one day, his mom saw a news program about the Ben Massell Dental Clinic (BMDC) and she called for an appointment. Because demand far outweighs supply at the clinic, Kahdeem spent 16 months on the waiting list. He finally started the process in March 2012.

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The Ethics of Charity Dental Work

The Ethics of Charity Dental Work

We recently had the opportunity to answer the following question for a national dental journal: Do dentists have a moral duty to provide charity care?

Does anyone have a moral duty to provide charity? Maybe people don’t have an obligation to give charitably. But turn the question around. If someone has the means to give, shouldn’t he or she? We believe the answer is yes — especially when it comes to healthcare services. Helping those in need is central to the mission of health care providers.

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